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Genre: Children's

Suitable for youth performances

Author: Gray, Nicholas Stuart

This is not the traditional story of Beauty and the Beast, but an endearing and fantastical tale of a rather forgetful wizard, Mr Hodge and his baby dragon nephew Mickey. When a rude and unruly prince threatens Mickey’s life, the wizard decides to teach the young prince a lesson in manners and banishes him to a magical castle for twenty years or so, in order to teach him the values of beauty and companionship. But the wizard forgets he has a captive, and five hundred years later is horrified to remember his mistake. In order to rectify his error he visits the castle, to find the prince in his loneliness has turned into an absolute beast - and in order to save him, must discover a way to bring real beauty into his life.

Cast 4 male 3 female

Length Full

Set Flexible

Licence World ex. US & Canada



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