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  • Cranford new

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Now published and available from Josef Weinberger Plays!

Genre: Comedy Drama

Author: Turner, Laura

Based on Elizabeth Gaskell’s Cranford stories, Laura Turner’s adaptation delightfully brings the rural village to life where etiquette rules, underpinned by a healthy amount of gossip. Applying the ideals of gentility and propriety, the idiosyncratic ways of the women of Cranford are thrown into disarray as modernity encroaches in the form of a new railway line coming harrowingly close. While Cranford’s eclectic women strive to stay immersed in the sweet pleasures and sometimes heart-breaking realities of simple village life, it becomes apparent that the world is changing in the face of the industrial revolution, and that Cranford will have to change with it.

Cast 3 male 6 female

Additional casting Doubling possible

Length Full

Set Flexible

Licence World in English

ISBN 978 0 85676 350 2


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