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Genre: Drama

Author: Brewer, George Jr & Bloch, Bertram

Judith, skeptical, wealthy, loves horses and parties; her existence is bounded by her social world. She learns that she must undergo a delicate brain operation. Dr. Steele, on the point of retiring, is an idealist, who has found in human service a solution to the problems of life. He is a new type to Judith. She is drawn to him and he to her. Having recovered, she demands the truth, and he tells her she has only a few months to live. They have fallen deeply in love, but when Steele proposes she refuses, in the belief that he has asked her out of pity. He leaves for Vermont, while Judith returns to the fleshpots. She discovers, however, that alcohol and casual affairs no longer satisfy her, and after a few months she humbly goes to the doctor to spend the rest of her short existence with him.

Cast 7 male 7 female

Additional casting Plus extras

Length Full

Set 2 Interior Sets

Licence World



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